Thursday, January 21, 2016

curiouser and curiouser

Market forces do not use 'The Force'.

To be forced is to be compelled.

My son, a Muse fan, very much wanted to attend the Muse concert that is happening tonight. So, my wife and I are going with him to the concert.

I am dreaming of a home theatre in the basement of my house. There isn't a budget for it, however, at least, not in the style or of the vision that I have. Between a new mobile phone and a smart watch, or a home theatre, I think I can only, potentially, have one of these in 2016. Probably it will be the mobile device and the smart watch as we have a big trip this summer that would make it so that the home theatre would lie dormant during those weeks of travel.

Oh well, I can continue to dream.


Debstar said...

I dream of painting the bedrooms and changing curtains. But this would probably mean I would be the one doing the painting and sewing of curtains so it will probably stay as it is.

Phil Plasma said...

Well, it would be me doing the DIY for the home theatre, but this is something I'm keen on, but haven't the budget for it.