Monday, January 25, 2016

the meritocratic council voted unanimously

The couch lizard made of sludge and slush slouched like a sled sliding sideways. It would be arrogant to know even if the least important of the facts not mentioned would bring about a change in the decision making process.

In sporting events over the weekend, certain teams won while others did not. In addition, in sports played by individuals rather than teams, some individuals won while others lost. There wasn't one game or match where I was rooting for one side or the other. Mostly, in any of the sporting events I watched, I was looking to see exciting plays.

Today is a Fast day - I have not eaten breakfast and have no plans on eating lunch. My goal is to also not eat supper or any snack and not eat anything until breakfast time tomorrow morning. I may or may not succeed at this plan. I am hoping that both ketosis and autophagy take place, though I have no way of knowing if either will.

The regulations used against the pious made wavelengths stretch about four percent longer than their normal length. This really had little impact and so the regulations ended up being ignored. That's the way it goes when a laundry list of isotopes is planted like an orchard.

For someone to say, "I'm kicking myself" seems to me to be a rather troubling thing to say. For sure, speaking figuratively, it resonates with the situations self explained. Taken literally, however, one would question this, or compare it so self-immolation. I should know.

That a left-brained decision was used in the application to receive a grant issued by a man named 'Grant' would bake a multi-layered chocolate and banana cream cake likens a symbolic sponge to a wallowing toe nail clipping.


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