Monday, January 11, 2016

The melodrama of an ice cream cone painted quagmire

So far, January 2016 is turning out to be exactly the kind of month that comes first in a calendar year.

In another few days, nearer the end of the month, both my wife and my youngest child will be celebrating a birthday. The former is currently 15,330 days old while the latter is currently 2543 days old.

There are other people who have birthdays in January, but I only know some of them.

The 'Tickle me Elmo' doll I did not purchase is following me in my dreams. That's okay, I usually smite him with a tire iron.

I re-read some INFP test result material after having redone a version of the Myers-Briggs personality test and found that it mostly continues to ring true.

I can not believe that something is being made of Justin Trudeau's visit to Nevis on military aircraft at great expense is making the news with some complaining about it. Political leaders across the globe get special security dispensation and this is quite reasonably his. The vacation at the resort he took his family to he paid for out of his own funds or salary, so all in all, this isn't anything worth talking about and yet the media have brought it up, likely, because someone complained about it.


Debstar said...

My hubby is celebrating a birthday on Sunday. He will be 60. I can't be bothered working out what that is in days. It's just more fun to tell him he's really really old. Happy Birthday to Mrs C and little V.

Phil Plasma said...

Thanks, I will pass the good wishes along.