Tuesday, February 02, 2016

the armpit of an elf zebra

I find it surprising that the word 'caboose' is in so many people's vernacular.

The date today is 2/2 so there is no confusion about which number represents the month and which one represents the day.

I did not win the LotoMax jackpot of 60,000,000$ on Friday last week, but then, no one else did either. Instead of increasing that jackpot, the lottery increases the number of Max-Millions that are drawn. Last Friday there were 23 additional sets of numbers drawn; each one to win a potentially dividable 1,000,000$. This coming Friday there will be 33 additional sets of numbers drawn. The tickets that I buy are group tickets; if I was to win I'd end up with 1/10 of the prize and I pay for ten tickets at the price of one. One tenth of 60,000,000$ would be very nice and would be life changing. One tenth of 1,000,000$ would be very nice, but wouldn't be life changing; after paying off our mortgage, putting aside some for private high school education for our kids and improving our house a little, we'd be left with enough to put into our retirement fund and we'd both still be working. Mind you, if our mortgage is paid off, it is possible that one of the two of us could work four days a week at 80% of salary.

Anyhow, I won't be winning so why the conjecture.

Starting just after midnight tonight we are expecting to get about 5cm's of snow into the morning, following that a short spell of freezing rain as the temperature rises, and following that straight rain as the temperature rises further still. All of that water on top of that snow will make the snow exceedingly heavy. Fortunately, the next two days remain warm so it is possible it will all just melt away - it is only on Friday that the temperature will go below freezing to freeze all of this precipitation.

I don't know - this could be one of the most boring posts I post so far in 2016.

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Debstar said...

This is definitely NOT the most boring post you have written. Not by a long shot. The weather you experience is fascinating to me as I have never experienced snow.

The past week it has been in the mid 30's but the humidity has been exceedingly high. In the 90%and above all week. Today there has been a cool change and while it is still very humid (it is summer after all) it is now bearable.