Monday, February 01, 2016


Where I work, we are expanding - we had been occupying the entire northern half of the fifth floor of our building, and we've expanded into the entire northern half of the sixth floor. The whole company is moving up to the sixth floor so that the fifth floor can be renovated. Once the fifth floor is renovated a few of the departments will move back downstairs, but not mine, so I am now in my permanent (for now) position.

So this first photo is my new desk all set up.

The second one is a different angle showing the same thing.
From left to right: phone, glass of water, auxiliary monitor, black circle hand exerciser, laptop on stand with keyboard in front, on top of divider award I won back in 2012, photo of my daughters in background, in front, two pens in magnetic holder, in front mouse on mouse pad and on the window ledge a calendar.

To my right I see out this window.

If I go close to the window and look to the right I see the corner of De Maisonneuve (the street with the two white vehicles) and Peel (the cross street).

If I go close to the window and look to the left I can just barely see the intersection of De Maisonneuve and Stanley.

Straight down outside my window is an entrance to the Metro.