Wednesday, March 02, 2016


The Home Theatre Project is underway. I'll be converting the basement into a home theatre. Here is the before anything has changed photo prior to having had the kids clean up the mess they tend to leave down there.

The wall the photo is facing is where the screen will be.

I have already ordered the receiver/speaker system, it should arrive tomorrow. Its regular price is about 1000$ and right now it has a 100$ discount. On top of that I had 150$ of gift cards for Best Buy and so the final price after the discount, gift cards and sales tax is 885.68$.

The projector I will be buying is on sale at Costco as of March 16th, so in a couple of weeks I'll be ordering that. Finally, there is the screen and I am thinking to go as inexpensive as possible at the outset to hold off that expense until later.

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Debstar said...

Maybe you could just paint the wall white instead of buying a screen. Would that work? I don't know.