Tuesday, March 01, 2016

Yes, the ceiling is moderately high

It is Super Tuesday in the United States of America today.

What that means for those of us who do not live there is very little.

It looks like Donald Trump will do well today, given what many of the political analysts have written in the last day or two.

It is less clear to me who between Bernie Sanders and Hilary Clinton will do better today. I suppose I will know tomorrow.

I watched the first half of The Oscars on Sunday night and then came back to it part way through to see Lady Gaga sing her song. I was impressed that Mad Max did as well as it did. I enjoyed the movie but didn't think of it as Oscar worthy compared to others in the past that have won. As for Lady Gaga's performance, I thought it was fairly abhorrent. She sang the National Anthem at the Super Bowl earlier this year and I thought that that performance was light years better.

Though I haven't an official diagnosis, it looks like I have a moderate case of Schizoid Personality Disorder instead of being on the Autism spectrum. It was a mental health nurse that suggested this based on an interview I had with her yesterday morning. To get a proper diagnosis I'd need to go through a very detailed and costly evaluation. It doesn't look like there is a purpose to this so it won't happen - having an official diagnosis is of no use to me.

If work isn't too busy today, I will be going to give blood. I was eligible to give again on February 22nd (last week on Monday) but didn't manage to go then, but today it should be good.

We're getting a storm here over night tonight with between 15 and 25cm's of snow falling starting in the evening, and then heavily over night and then continuing into the morning tomorrow. Right now it is sunny and -14C.

The Canadiens lost to the San Jose Sharks last night. I just read an article stating that the Habs haven't won in that arena since 1999. They started off this season with an amazing run, but have been mediocre ever since.


Zhoen said...

So sick of all the politics, can't seem to completely escape it all. Didn't watch the Oscars, haven't even seen any of the movies.

For a loner, you have a lovely family and a lot of friends.

Debstar said...

I cannot understand why Donald Trump is doing so well. And when I see reports of him on the news I can't help but shake my head. As for Schizoid Personality Disorder I do hope this is not the case. Personally, I found you chatty and approachable. You were observant so obviously curious at the same time. And it was obvious you loved your kids so not that detached after all. And I do remember you letting out a hearty laugh at something Lisa said (she is a funny girl)so not entirely devoid of a sense of humour. For what it's worth, John and I both enjoyed your company. Be happy with yourself, you are a good man.

Phil Plasma said...

Thank you for your very positive feedback, Deb. I generally do not have a problem, it is my wife who has a problem with how I am.