Monday, March 07, 2016

just like the pot calling the kettle hemp

One time an octogenarian went bowling and it occurred to her it may very well be the last time she does this, what with the aches getting worse.

Makes me think we ought to simplify the bowling game a little but still have the friendly competitiveness of it. Put a slide that is the width of the alley that has a very smooth ending that adjoins the alley such that the bowler need only push the ball so it goes down the slide and rolls down the alley. Frames, scores, strikes and spares would all continue to be logged as they would normally.

I haven't gone bowling in many hours.

Being on call this week means I more or less have to keep awake until midnight, as that is when the on-call shift ends. Thursday night is the last night I'll be doing it and my plan for Friday morning is to leave at 4h to get to the FRC Greater Toronto East Regional at UOIT for about 8h30 to catch the opening ceremonies and then watch the competitive rounds. This means I'll be driving in the early hours of Friday after having slept not very much the night before, and neither, the previous nights. Perhaps what I will do is ask if I can work a later shift on Thursday to come in later so I can sleep in a bit later.

As a quadragenarian I would have to say that taking a helicopter ride to get to work is probably something that would appeal to me if my own yard had an appropriate landing pad.

Take it slow, take it real slow. Do not pretend to go fast.


Debstar said...

I have not gone bowling for many years. Now I want to.

Debstar said...

As for taking it slow. You would be impressed at how slow I have been the last 2 days. I could win competitions in being slow.

Phil Plasma said...

I'd be curious to see a race of people whose goal it is to move slowly. Would the winner be the last person to cross the finish line?

Zhoen said...

I like bowling, my back doesn't.

If I don't go fast, I get a lot of unhappiness at work. Anyway, I enjoy speedy efficiency. While trying never to rush, mind.