Wednesday, March 09, 2016

whenever the when wenned

The quadrilateral equation used to describe the encumbered vernacular raised a sky high bed sheet that had large cerulean blue stripes mixed with smaller white stripes that had navy blue polka dots all the way up to beneath the coffee table in my living room. Dust bunnies pranced about, evocatively.

As I type this part of this post there is a cat on my lap. His name is Leo and he is a Blue Point Siamese, approaching, more or less, twelve years old. I figure it is better to have him here as compared to meandering back and forth on my keyboard blocking my view of the screen.

I am very sleepy, but I need to keep awake until about midnight when my responsibility to answer to Australasian customers comes to an end. I am on call this week and tomorrow evening is my last evening - next week it is up to someone else in my team.

Eating potato skins that remind people of lymph nodes isn't generally a respectable thing to promote.

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Zhoen said...

Being on call is not the worst thing, but it's easier with a cat to keep one company.