Monday, April 18, 2016

a palatial tube of toothpaste

One of my alt.good.morning friends thought up the idea of starting an AGM WhatsApp group and I've been enjoying the more frequent re-connection with this group. I'd tell you more about this part of my life but today is not the day for it.

It seems our finances are getting a little bit out of hand. I guess it's a sign that either my wife or I should find a job that pays more. Either that or we reign in our spending. This isn't easy as there are repairs on the van, an impending trip to St. Louis, MO, birthdays of G-Bot and C-Ling quickly approaching, our annual Cinco de Mayo party; sending the kids to camp this summer, having the family go to summer camp this summer - paying a teenager to watch the girls over the weeks they aren't at camp, and on and on.

Some days I wish civilization would collapse to simplify our lives, but then images of what has happened in Japan and Ecuador recently make me think that if that is what a lack of civilization could look like, I'm better off where I am.

We seem to have lost all of our tooth picks. Likely one of the kids took them away from where they normally live and so now they are elsewhere in our home, no where to be seen currently.

I'd hate to be an over-ripened cauliflower, right about now.

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Tony said...

Tooth picks beware!