Thursday, April 14, 2016

warning: satellite dishes do not fit into your dishwasher

There weren't any Frosted Flakes in my sock drawer this morning. This was a good thing, considering the time of year and the colour of baked cheesecake. A marsupial made a bet with a mammal that the bird would eat the fish. The mushroom lost the bet and was eaten by a gargoyle. Fourteen of the least hungry people in the third smallest town in the most North-Eastern county in the state of Iowa rolled the dice expecting to get aces. They were disappointed, unfortunately for them. All other things being equal, if the aspect being described is also equal, then we have a non-starter, rendering moot any further discussion.


Debstar said...

I don't have a sock drawer.

Phil Plasma said...

I imagine it is because for much of the year, you don't wear socks.

Zhoen said...

I have two sock drawers. I really need to consolidate.