Wednesday, May 18, 2016

All politicos are made of velvet

More and more it looks to be a Clinton-Trump combat. May the least respected face the most expected, and the most engaged be ignored by the least enraged.

I watched a part of the Megyn Kelly interview with Trump yesterday. Kelly is only 944 days older than I am. Though Trump called her a bimbo I think she looks really good. I do not know anything about her caliber as a journalist or political pundit as the only time I've ever seen her in action was in this interview, and this interview wasn't really meaty in terms of politics. It was more of a personality study on Trump.

Those who fear Clinton do so, at least in part, because she is so tied to the financial world. How many Wall Street CEOs and VPs have been jailed because of the 2008 fiasco? Zero? And Clinton is aligned with these crooks? As terrible as Trump is, Clinton doesn't have a lot going for her. One thing that separates her from him is her diplomatic experience - I can see her doing a better job of interacting with other world leaders compared to him.

Of course, being from Canada, I have no say whatever in this. In only 174 days we'll see what the US electorate has to say about it.


Debstar said...

Meanwhile the elections in Australia pale into insignificance.

Debstar said...

As for the GFC, have you seen the movie The Big Short? The last 5 minutes of the movie is an absolute eye opener. Nothing has changed in the way American banks operate. Scary stuff for those of us who have invested in shares and the like.