Monday, May 16, 2016

rainbow unicorn pancreas

A staple remover is just to the left of my left arm that is attached to the wrist that connects the left hand which is being used to type this sentence along with the right hand.

To the right of my right arm is the mouse which I do not use as I type sentences. On my lap, a cat.

Tomorrow I go to see a doctor about a twitch I have beneath my left eye that has persisted now for six days. Tomorrow evening my cat goes for his annual checkup.

I have just registered for the summer family camp that we go to most summers. This year is special as my wife will not be coming, except perhaps for an evening or two - her job at the moment has become extremely demanding, but only for a finite time.

The first day of camp coincides with a Spartan Race I have signed up to participate in, so likely I will leave the kids at home with the wife, go do the race, then come home and pack up the kids and the van and head over to camp. This will put us up at camp later than we would normally be for this week of camp, but I'm really excited (a little bit more than I am about anything) to participate in this Spartan Race. It is a 'Sprint' distance, so only about 5KM, but there are twenty or so obstacles.

I did a pretty good job of not eating today, except for a grill cheese sandwich I ate at dinner time and the can of Coca-Cola I am just about finishing now.


Zhoen said...

Have you tried an antihistamine? If that works, it may be allergies. If not, then it probably wasn't.

Phil Plasma said...

I haven't tried antihistamine. I don't think it is allergies as this comes and goes (it is gone now of its own volition) at various times of the year.

Debstar said...

I'm interested to see how your race goes. Are you enjoying the training?

Phil Plasma said...

Heh, enjoying the training. I haven't actually started. This week I have been on call and have had to work most evenings. Next week I expect to find the time to put in a first training run, and I will let you know how it goes.