Wednesday, May 11, 2016


The start and end point are at my house, where the red shape with the white circle is. I run north on Boul St-Jean, cross under the highway and train tracks and then run east on Donegani until Maywood and go up Maywood. Almost exactly where the 2km mark is on Maywood is a park where I will do lifts, climbs and burpees. Then I run west back to boul St-Jean and then south to boul St. Jean to my house where I have prepared a 30kg sand bag that I will run with for about 200 meters doing a round trip so I end up putting it back at my house. Then I run down to Lakeview and west, and then south into the park of a school yard where I do more lifts, climbs and burpees. Then I run that U-shape at the bottom back to Lakeview and run further west to the next park where I do more lifts, climbs and burpees and finally I sprint back to the corner of Lakeview and Saint-Jean to finish, and walk home the rest of the way.

This is in preparation for a Spartan Race that I've signed up for that will take place in July. It is a sprint distance, so in about 5km of mountainous terrain facing about 20 obstacles I will race with a team made up mostly of coworkers.

Either tonight or tomorrow night (or much less likely, both) I will try out this course to see how well it works.

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