Thursday, May 12, 2016

when windows fall up into the armpit of a juice box

Traveling to Neptune, the ox wondered how many other creatures could be defined by having only two letters in their name.

How curious it is that the plural form of ox is not oxes. I never use the term 'legos', for me, Lego is the word used for both a single piece, and a number of pieces.

I do not know what the ox will do when she arrives there.

Cosmos isn't a word I use much. Cosmoses, I have used even less, and perhaps, never.

There are some people who are adept at using social media to sprain their own ankles. This is not recommended behaviour, and yet, there are still those who do it. It is kind of like have three shots of vodka after having had six beer. Not recommended.

The weather forecast for today indicates it will be the warmest day thus far in 2016. It is 19C as I type this with the high expected to reach 26C. No precipitation today, but rain on and off is expected through the weekend starting tomorrow afternoon.

Using a blanket as a kite is not the best idea. I should know.


Zhoen said...


Debstar said...

I do not need social media to sprain my ankles I am quite capable of spraining my ankles simply by standing on a pebble the wrong way.

Phil Plasma said...

z: indeed.
d: Well, I guess you are one of the lucky ones who can do that without social media.

Zhoen said...

Have you seen a physical therapist for that? I know there are some good exercises, as well as braces. One of my friends at work has been working on her sprainable ankles, and has made significant improvement.