Monday, August 08, 2016

Disappointing day

The coverage of the Olympics we get here in Canada is really rather good.

The network coverage (CBC) does a great job of presenting all kinds of different events, and not just about Canadians, though there is a propensity to show them. In addition to the network coverage, streaming from their website is up to 23 additional live video feeds, mostly without commentary. Each of those feeds covers different sports, depending on what is happening in real time, so at any time you can pick which sport you want to watch.

Today, I watched our Canadian men table-tennis player get eliminated in straight games in the third round.
I also watched our Canadian women tennis player get eliminated in straight sets in the second round.

Later this afternoon our women's rugby sevens team plays Australia in the first semi-final game, the other has Great Britain vs New Zealand. Of the four teams, the Canadian team is the weakest, so it is likely we'll battle it out for the Bronze medal.

Up to now we have a bronze and silver medal in swimming, 4x100 freestyle women relay and 100m butterfly women respectively. The individual who won the silver medal also was on the relay team, so she has both a bronze and a silver Olympic medal. Quite an accomplishment for a 16 year old.

Yesterday I watched the women's team gymnastics. The Canadian team had trouble on the beam and didn't really catch up from there. I got to see a few of the others, including the American, Biles, who is a juggernaut in the gymnastics world right now.

I believe swimming will draw to a close later this week, and then track and field will begin.

Update: The Canadian women's rugby sevens team did lose to Australia and met Great Britain in the Bronze medal game and won! This is our third medal of the games, our second bronze.

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