Wednesday, August 10, 2016

wearers of wrist watches, unite!

As I take public transit every day to and from work, I have the occasion to see many different people each and every day. This is especially true during the summer months as I take buses and the metro at very inconsistent times, whereas during the school year I take the train and am almost always on the same one.

I wear my wrist watch on the wrist of my right hand. So far, for the many dozens of random people of whom I was able to locate their wrist watch, I am the only one that wears mine on the wrist of my right hand - everyone else has it on their left.

I've heard it argued that the wrist should go on the wrist of the hand that is not the writing hand. I rarely write, usually I am at a keyboard, typing. Given this, as I type with both hands, I do not see what difference it makes which wrist the watch goes on. Since I was young I had thought about it in this way (being a typer, rather than a hand-writer) and so from a young age I started wearing my watch on the wrist of my right hand.

Do you wear a wrist watch? If so, on which wrist? How about the people around you that you notice wearing wrist watches - on which wrist do they wear theirs?


Debstar said...

I haven't worn a wrist watch for many years. When I did use one I found it made the days go so long. In my house I have many clocks and when I am out I refer to my cell phone for the time. It's been so long now that I can't even remember what arm I wore a watch on but I think it was my left wrist mainly because it made getting a watch on and off using my right hand easier.

Phil Plasma said...

I hadn't thought of that - ease of putting on or taking off. My fine motor skills are equally poor on both the right and left, so it makes no difference to me.

Zhoen said...

Yup, no doubt that is why I always wore one on my right. Stopped a few months ago, realizing my own internal timekeeping was pretty accurate, and clocks generally available, and watches catch on things.