Tuesday, September 06, 2016

tempest in a shoe box

While idling away the time on this voyage I thought to share a little bit about my left ankle.

It is not terribly different from my right ankle. Nor is it operationally different from the ankle of most people whose ankle functions properly.

I do not think that Proxima Centauri B will have any ankles to which I can compare.

Back on planet Earth at about this time there had just been a Labour Day long weekend for some of the Earthlings. I hope those of you who had such made the most of it.


Debstar said...

In Australia we celebrated Father's Day which, it appears, is not celebrated at the same time on the planet you are currently residing.

Phil Plasma said...

Well, in the space between Earth and Proxima Centauri B there are no holidays. Back in Canada, where I normally live when not on space trips, Father's Day is in June, usually on or adjacent to my birthday.