Tuesday, November 22, 2016


This past Saturday I finished raking the leaves from both the front and back yards. I produced 16 bags of leaves bringing the total for the season to 66 bags:

Saturday's bag count: 16 bags.
This season's bag count: 66 bags.

Here are the bags all in a row under the overhang between my house and the garage, waiting to be put to the street Tuesday morning when the city comes to pick them up.

I did all of the work on Saturday because it had been forecasted to rain on Sunday with rain turning to snow in the evening and over night. This did end up happening. From Monday morning, here is a photo of one of the trees in my front yard.

Later this week it is predicted to go above zero Celsius with rain on Friday and Saturday; so all of this snow will get washed away with that rain.


Zhoen said...

Whole lotta compost there.

Debstar said...

The snow looks lovely. It's been hot here and I've been taking the dogs for their walks either very early or just before the sun goes down.