Thursday, November 24, 2016

When a limerick crashes into a parakeet

Today is the very last Thursday of the month of November.

We just booked a vacation, going to Cancun in March next spring. Well, technically it will still be winter as our travel dates, in March, precede the arrival of spring. We had a little over 18,000 Airmiles that were set to expire on Dec 31, so we used them, plus some additional funds, to get the five of us on this trip.

Who says that a meritocracy is a bad way to go? So long as the ministers involved are magnanimous, wise and benevolent, I think it ought to work.

I didn't light a match today.

I wonder how many men get manicure/pedicures. There is a shop very close to my work that does this and I've seen only one time a man in the chair being 'cared for'. Maybe I would go.

I haven't given any thought to AXY3 since I first posted about it. This is often how ideas flow through me - fleetingly.


Debstar said...

On the 24th November my daughter, In The Middle, celebrates her wedding anniversary. She has been married for 4 years.

Phil Plasma said...

Wow, time flies, I'm late, but from one ITM to another I wish her a happy anniversary.