Friday, December 09, 2016


At my company's Christmas party (Dec 17) I decided to get a new suit. This is the one I got.

The shirt shown isn't the one I got, I found a different one, though I couldn't find a photo of it from the store's web site. My wife did end up coming with me so she could give her opinion on fit and colour. I tried two other suits and this is the one we picked.

For future reference, in case I shop at this same store again, the suit jacket size I got was size 48 and 129$, the trousers I got were size 40 and 49.90$, though next time I could see about getting a smaller size, and the shirt I got was a small, slim fit, 49.50$.

With respect to the trousers, I have taken them to a tailor to be hemmed, and to have the waist drawn in. The tag on the trousers show that the size (40) has two options smaller and four options bigger, so next time I could try the size 38 or the size 36.

On the walk from the train to my work I pass a tailor, dry-cleaning, boot cleaning and general repair shop (Tailleurs Universels Nettoyeurs on Cypress) and so I stopped in there on the way to work this morning and they will adjust the trousers by 16h today. They've charged me 12$ for the hemming and 18.95$ for the waist work.

There is a different Christmas party tomorrow, that I might be able to go to very late, if I can go, I will wear the suit.

This is one of those rare posts that is mired exclusively in reality.


Debstar said...

Very nice though I'm not loving the White shoes at all.

Zhoen said...

That's a very slick suit there.