Wednesday, December 07, 2016

when robots ruin your morning toast

Today has many overlapping calendar events many of which I would have liked to have attended.

Tomorrow is the last day I am doing a 2AM to 10AM shift to replace a coworker of mine who works out of Algiers, but who has taken two weeks off. I have covered for him all of this week, next week it is the turn of someone else.

I was hoping to purchase a new suit for my company's Christmas party, but I am running out of time. I've offered my wife the Right of First Refusal to be my fashion consultant so that I get a second opinion (in addition to my own) on the purchase. We have not managed to find a time to go yet.

The party is on December 17th. I've been told that Zara will have suits that fit my 'European' sized body very well. I've never shopped there before, but I am happy to give them a try as their prices are fairly reasonable. I'm really looking forward to the party, it is going to be lots of fun.


Debstar said...

I'm assuming European sized body means a healthy slim shape. Hubby skipped his work's Christmas party yesterday and chose to work from home, good thing too because there was a problem with the trains and he would have had to wait an hour for his regular train which would have become overcrowded by that time.

Phil Plasma said...

Yes, the clothes there come mostly in 'slim fit', 'ultra slim fit'.