Wednesday, December 28, 2016

the rib in the rope of the third

I oad to a florped klemnof much like a teen aged frog plays chess with a bucket of gravity. All of the other buckets had too much cream cheese.

This may be the last post I post in the year 2016. Or, I may post one more. Or two more.

There are no living dandelions on my front lawn at the moment as it is covered in snow.

A cerebral telepathic hamster didn't know how to sing the phonetic alphabet.

Tying a knot in one's shoes such that it is nearly impossible to remove them serves no immediately understood purpose. I should know.

"You can take that to the bank." As far as idiomatic expressions go, this is one of them. There are others, but none that concern cryogenics as it exists in an analog wrist watch being worn by a staff member at the local hospital.

One of the reasons I gave blood today (128/79, pulse 91) is because at the end of the year they give out free desk calendars that I find useful to have at my desk at work. Yes, my pulse is higher than normal, though my systolic and diastolic are okay. Probably the pulse is high because to get from the metro to the blood clinic I need to ascend a bunch of steps which I did two at a time.


Zhoen said...

Found this today, thought of you .

Debstar said...

I spent much of today lazing around and reading a book so I expect my pulse to be a little slower than usual.. Happy kerf lop Year to you.

Phil Plasma said...

zhoen: yes, I have an iron ring.

deb: thanks, and to you too.