Tuesday, January 10, 2017

stock brokers who lose at chess

Over the past few days I've had almost half a dozen instances of SLI take place. The wiki article indicates there is no scientific evidence for this, and while I agree without scientific evidence there is no rational or reasonable explanation, however, my own experience tells me that there is some causality that is not presently explainable.

I will be building the top half of the boiler that will be used as the high efficiency furnace to turn fuel into steam.

From Kijiji I'll be getting a three foot long 16" sonotube that will mimic the 15" tube of the top of the boiler. On top of the sonotube I need to make the funnel that is six inches wider than the tube. Then I'll bring this to the lab where the robot is being built and they can make use of it for target testing.

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