Sunday, January 08, 2017

stealth foghorns, unite!

The permanency of a temporary sign postage requires almost exactly zero cornucopias to erupt from my little sister's pet tarantula's mom's left earlobe. I should know.

I plan on starting, again, an exercise routine tomorrow so long as I get a sufficient amount of sleep tonight. In order for this to happen, I am hoping to get to bed prior to 22h. As I type this sentence, that is a little over three hours from now. The exercise routine I have is entirely made up of body-weight exercises. This includes different types of push ups, squats, pull ups, chin ups, forwards and backwards lunges, leg raises and a few other things. I tried this same routine for about five consecutive weeks seven months ago and found I enjoyed doing it. We shall see if I can keep the discipline to keep doing it for a longer period this time.

There are a very large number of inexistential duiker antelopes playing hide-and-go-seek tag in my right armpit. The ostrich that planted a terrarium there decided to go on a vacation to Malibu. The terrarium got washed away the most recent time I was disinfected after having left the clean room used to perform scab tests on alien toe fungus.

In terms of the Minimalist Game that my family has taken on, out of 500 total items I am to rid the house of by the end of the month, I am at 48. Other of my family members have more and one has less. So far it has been fairly easy, however, as the date value of the days gets higher, it becomes more difficult to locate that number of things.

I hope that this month, already almost one third over, has passed in a way such that you have not stubbed any of your toes.

Tomorrow I plan on returning to the intermittent fasting that I had taken up a while ago. I had let it slide for a few weeks but I feel it is time to get back to it. This means skipping breakfast and lunch tomorrow and having only a light supper. Thursday, I repeat the procedure.

Now it is a little less than three hours before I hope to go to sleep.

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