Monday, March 27, 2017

bend until it naps

Wow, that's a mighty fine size of elbow lint you've got there. How did you come by it?

There was a window washer guy who accosted me in the street, though at the time I was fairly certain I wasn't transparent.

If someone goes Transatlantic, this means they cross the Atlantic. So does transparent mean going across the parents?

A milk truck crashed into an oatmeal truck. What a mess.

I think it is almost about the time that I should replace my digital wrist watch with a new digital wrist watch. The one I have is showing significant wear and tear. Perhaps some time in the next nineteen months, I will acquire a new one.

Speaking of quagmire, I have changed my mobile device plan to actually now have Data, though up until a few days ago I never had it and never really needed it. Now I get 1GB per month of Data and this for only a dollar more than what my plan had been previously. Who knows how much it will get used.

An acorn did not ride up the eastern side of my snow covered front lawn earlier today. I should know.

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