Wednesday, June 28, 2017

whack-a-mole spaghetti stones

The inner circle made of stealth and enigmatic mysteries lies dormant until the opportune moment to strike, as a villain would, only in a more pragmatic, under-the-rader way. Those who drift and float could well be caught off guard, unprepared for the attack. The sidelines, crowded with on-lookers, could too be cast away, realizing only too late that watching is no different from floating. The key here is to be awake and aware, know that at any moment those inner circle fiends could push their will on the weak; on the unprepared. Be on the lookout at all times and then, only the stragglers will get picked up.

Good luck!


Debstar said...

I wish I wasn't so terrible at cryptic crosswords.

Phil Plasma said...

I'm not particularly good at any crosswords. My mind doesn't store data in the way that makes doing crosswords easy. Fortunately, it is not an important skill to have.