Thursday, June 29, 2017

reactionary faction

The plural of sect and the word sex are not too dissimilar in pronunciation.

This came up in conversation today at work.

Got buzzed yesterday about yesterday's post - I've never had such a response. I really don't understand what the issue was about that post; I was told that it was 'darker' than normal. I guess they've never read ghost's posts.

Cucumber sales have gone along about as smoothly as they ever have. Not a whole lot to report there.

Looks like the Antarctic ice sheet is losing a fair sized piece in the next few days or weeks. This could start the calving of the rest of the sheet. Flooding coastal areas, here we come!

My home is quite a bit above the water line, so I am not immediately worried. When my parts of my city had flooding earlier this spring, my neighbourhood was not affected at all.

Tonight I expect the sun to set.


Debstar said...

Our house is very close to the water and there are times I worry that one day we may be completely submerged however before that happens we may have a waterfront property. We have never flooded even when other parts of the Gold Coast has.

Phil Plasma said...

Well, lucky for you that thus far you haven't had any flooding.

The only flooding we've had was one time a pipe under the kitchen faucet broke and we had water damage on the main floor as well as in the basement. Fortunately, our insurance coverage covered all of what was needed to recover and repair everything.