Friday, January 12, 2018

three thousand days and waiting

There is weather outside.

The temperature and humidity indoors is, within a certain tolerance, very constant. Outdoors, not so much.

remove, reuse.

Count to eleven. Wait again, and then again.

There are no solutions, only fish tanks. Oil them up, splash them down, ring them true, make them bake; side the wind, and wind the sail. All are oars, except for those who aren't. Pay the rent, pay the taxes, skip the stone, play the trombone; all is wept, like the kid who slept. I should know.

There aren't nearly as many as they're were the last time. Next time, there may even be less. All of the news that is a past participle of the angst driven chosen; well, put them together and you will have an answer that promises little while using a great many words. Rip out the cheese.

Do not forget to bring your umbrella on days that the Kit Kat bar goes on special.

I hedged against the truth and yet again, it crashed me asunder. Time will tell, will tell time, tell time well.

Three thousand more.


Debstar said...

There's been weather outside here too. Hot, humid weather. In my family it is 25 degrees and there is little to no humidity.

Sorry I haven't been around for so long. I'm glad to see you're still blogging.

Phil Plasma said...

Summer in Oz, winter up here. Mind, your winter is hardly a winter when I have my summer.