Wednesday, August 08, 2018

twice the three time winner paid off the elven

A rickety rickshaw was used to plagiarize a copy of a duplicate of an unoriginal.

A cloud cover dare devil planted lilacs in the anteroom of the gardener's velvet covered armchair.

Nine nickels weren't enough to draw circles around the ionosphere of a spheroid the shape of an ox.

That predawn exercise, as a form of lint removal from laundry drying machines, is used as an envelope to wrap up misaddressed post-cards, comes as no surprise to the people who are very difficult to surprise. It says something about their ability to surmise.

A quintessential exception was used as an example to show how not to perform certain acts that require the use of left-brain creativity and right-brain boredom. I should know.

Following a follower who is following a follower means there is quite a separation between knowing where one may be going, and knowing how many handkerchiefs to bring. To have brought no less than a number that is between orange and sideways would be just about the least anxiety driven thing that an extinct mastodon could do.

I sometimes think of both meekness and beep at the same time; ah, curses and time afloat, like the busy-ness that a fledgling idea could waste away. Aqua-Fresh could be a diversion; so could that middle of tri-generational that still has no nickname. There'd be less or more of the most or now; like a vivid idea vague in interpretation; twice doubled and thrice tripled, halved and quartered but not nickel or dimed. There'd be a reckoning, but only on the middle day between twix and florp.

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