Monday, August 12, 2019

why else would you

I've got to get better at engagement.

Yesterday, went for a walk, got into Terra Cotta Park, part way through the park a young lady sitting on a bench, I ask her 'enjoying nature?' she said 'yes, you?' I said 'yes' and just continued walking.

Minutes later and on and off since then; I've been thinking the simple 'you?' that she asked may have been an opening to engage in a longer conversation. I was in no hurry, had no deadlines to meet and could have stopped to chat for a briefest of conversation, or, an even longer one should that have worked out. But in the moment it didn't occur to me.

At my age and hers there is a generational difference, but no matter; I would be harmlessly friendly, curious and generous.

Perhaps this is a lesson learned and I'll be more engaged if this kind of situation was to present itself again.

Or, given a few days or weeks, this episode will reduce to a no longer memorable event and I'll repeat the potential social cue miss.

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