Wednesday, July 29, 2020


Yes, I read 'Desperation', by Stephen King, yesterday.

The one question I have is how Johnny's death (or disappearance depending on how the survivors treat this) is dealt with by Johnny's Agent and by Johnny's ex-wife.

In other news, it is raining today, and sunny too.

Still flying by the topic, one by three, the next one involves the wearing of socks, which I am not wearing at the moment.

'Desperation' was made into a movie back in 2006, however, it seems to be available only on the American Amazon Prime as I do not see it in my own Canadian subscription. So then I checked rental - not there either.

I did not use masking tape to mis-identify each of the ceiling colours of my apartment. In fact, in the entirety of my apartment there are only two unique ceiling colours. I think you can guess what one of them is.

I dug a little deeper, and for 4.99$CAD I can rent the movie from Microsoft. Perhaps I will do this at some time between now and when I turn 20,000 days old.

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