Sunday, July 25, 2021

dropping the camoflage for a Dorito

Taking a snake from a child who didn't want to eat it reminded no one of the idea that a moderately sized black hole some seventeen million light years away could have done a better parking job at the nearby Walmart.

The men's Olympic triathlon begins within the next half hour; so I am taking this pre-triathlon time to compose and post this blog post. What is good about the CBC coverage is that they have on replay full events, so I do not need to be conscious at 2am my local time to watch the table tennis that starts at 3pm Tokyo time. I had hoped to go to the Tokyo Olympics, but this isn't happening (no one is going/has gone) due to the state of the pandemic in Japan. The next opportunity to attend summer Olympics will be in Paris in 2024. Perhaps I will see about attending those Olympic games.

The antidote that was used to save the election officers from having or catching frost bite need not have been administered this August, considering how low the chances are of there being any frost. It would be foolhardy for anyone to hold an election in August; too many people in this hemisphere are on vacation in that month, and also; there is no frost.

I have made plans to go to Kingston, Belleville, Oshawa, the Saguenay, Drummondville, Quebec City, Rimouski, Rivière du Loup, Gaspé, Percé, Campbellton and Bathurst. Most of these are accessible by Via Rail while the remaining are accessible by Orléans Express. The purpose for all of them is to play the Resources game to attack some existing opponent mines and to build mines of my own. In a few of the cities I've planned to visit I've done some research to see what else I can do there.

In Campbellton there is the Sugarloaf provincial park. In Bathurst there is the Youghall beach. In Rivière du Loup there is the Parc des Chutes as well as Park of the Pointe. In Rimouski there is Beausejour park. In Percé there is the view of Percé Rock. In Gaspé there is the Gaspesie Museum and Forillon National Park.

In some of the cities I go there and go home in the same day. For example, of all of the ones listed, I have booked a trip to Kingston for late September where I take a Via Rail train that gets me there around noon, and then a train that leaves there at around 18h to get me home at around 21h. This gives me six hours to go down to where I know there are dozens of mines to attack.

I have not yet booked any of the other city trips. I see no reason why some of these I can't do through the fall and winter; though the trip to New Brunswick I'll wait until next summer as there is a beach visit involved.

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