Tuesday, March 28, 2023


Two or three years ago; it is hard now to remember how long ago it was as there were many delays, I ordered from a Kickstarter something called the Capsule dishwasher.

It finally arrived late last week. I had to go to a store to buy dishwasher soap before I could use it as I had none since to now I had been hand washing all of my dishes. 
Loch is the name of the Scottish company that invented the product. The instructions indicated that the water tank ought to be level and at roughly the same height as the Capsule, but that mine is leaning ever so slightly to one side is not a problem given the tube is on the deeper side of the tank.

It comes with a number of cycles; for example a 15 min after meal wash where immediately after a meal, briefly wipe off any excess food (if any), load it up, add some soap and let it go. Since the dishes have not had any time for the food to dry up on them this cycle does a great job in short order.

There are longer cycles, and even something called fruit wash where the water is not heated and a fruit basked for the Capsule was provided, and finally a U/V mode, where no water is passed through at all and the two UV lights in the top shine down for the a 20 or 40 min duration to UV light sanitize whatever you put in there.

Here is an example after a load is done; all of my dishes fit in without a problem. It even includes a rinse aid depository which can be seen in the above photo right at the bottom of the photo.

About a week into using it now I am extremely pleased with it; I can see that already it gives me time savings and this will add up significantly over time. Also, it uses less water than I use, so there is that as well.

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