Monday, March 19, 2007

slapstick comedy and juice

strawberries do not remind me of anyone except perhaps

Likewise is neither wise, nor alike. Or is it?

I haven't any ideas about how to suck green house gases out of the atmosphere. Maybe I should put a tube that sucks air from 10,000 feet from the surface of the earth and blows it through the long tube to insert it into the moons very light atmosphere. Maybe some GHG would do some good to the moon while it is doing very bad for us.

Snakes shed their skin about as often as they need to.


Anonymous said...

The green leaves of strawberries may make you slightly ill, but I don't think they'll kill you.

The OE

Debstar said...

Some people resemble potatoes but

I like the idea of a huge vacuum cleaner sitting on the moon with a long long hose sucking up all the greenhouse gasses, but where would you plug it in? Who would pay the electricity bill? Who would change the filter?

Phil Plasma said...

deb: the length of the tube could be covered in solar panels that power a fan situated inside the tube where the solar panel that pushes the air, so numerous fans on the inside of the tube along the length of it would create the suction needed. With respect to a filter, there wouldn't be one.

ghost said...

i think the spaceballs had the right idea.

supertomek said...

haha! that's exactly the image i was getting - the big hoover vacuuming all the air out of planet druidia :D