Thursday, December 04, 2008

Run Update

Yay! 23:51 today, I pushed past the mental weakness to get the run in at a still lower time than the last time. I felt rather consumed once I finished the run.


Debstar said...

Next goal is to get under 23.00

Phil Plasma said...

Yes, that has been my goal all along, but I am finding it really tough now to improve... notice that with each incremental improvement my improvements are shrinking:

Nov 11: 25:14
Nov 14: 25:00 14 seconds better
Nov 19: 24:25 35 seconds better
Nov 20: 24:08 17 seconds better
Nov 26: 23:55 13 seconds better
Dec 04: 23:51 4 seconds better

I start the program running 7.2mph (the treadmill does not do kph though it does have a 5KM program), I gradually work up to 8.0mph until I hit the 4% incline that is about three fifths of the way through where I drop to 7.6mph, then once the 4% is done I bump it up gradually until by the end I am running at 8.5mph. I need to be able to start at 8.0mph and work up from there... I`m not there yet.