Friday, February 13, 2015

being coy about koi

This time of year makes the SLI super power work even better as I am driving around picking up the kids at the end of the day, or dropping them off at the beginning of the day when the street lights are either going on for the night, or going off for the day, so whole strings of lights are changing as I pass under them.

I gave my 70th lifetime blood donation yesterday by way of apheresis. My blood pressure was 117/78, my pulse 81, my temperature 36.7C and my weight at 68.4Kg. They also measure my platelet count but I didn't catch the number this time; usually it is between 170 to 180 x10^9 per liter. The normal range of platelet counts are between 150-400, so I'm on the low end, but still high enough to be able to donate.


Debstar said...

Nice and healthy. I'm assuming you are completely over the 'flu you had recently.

Zhoen said...

Do they need a key to the cay?

Phil Plasma said...

D: yes, thank you, much better.

Z: yes.