Monday, February 16, 2015

if mustard is the same colour as faint

The most effective way to get me angry is to be a child of mine who doesn't listen.

Prior to having children, there really wasn't an effective way to get me angry.

It isn't usually a big deal if they do not do exactly as I ask right away in exactly the way I ask them, but when I ask them to do something with few enough parameters that gives them some leeway and expect them to start sometime in the next eleven minutes, but then have to ask them incessantly before there is any movement; this is irksome.

It is possible one or more of my children will some day read this blog post. If that is the case (hi!); be forewarned if ever you have your own children.

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Zhoen said...

I'm told this is a very good resource. This is not personal experience, but I keep hearing it from good parents with your issue.