Tuesday, March 03, 2015

going fishing in an aquarium

21h27 is not the latest I've ever posted on a weekday. Well, that was the time that this post started. Well, the post didn't start on its own, it started when I started writing to it.

The snow coming down tonight is very light and fluffy, it is quite gorgeous, actually.

I had one and three-sevenths of a slice of pizza for lunch today. It was pretty good.

There is a cat on my lap as I type this sentence.

Leo doesn't stay very long on me, well, not long unless he is in my bed at night and he spends the night there up against me.

I haven't gone to the movies in quite a few weeks. I ought to go soon. I don't know what I'd see, though.

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Zhoen said...

We had rather lovely snow yesterday as well. Odd, since March snow is usually a bit too much on top of too much to actually see any beauty in it.