Tuesday, March 31, 2015

barreling down the runway like a teacup of monkeys

Today is the day that g-Bot finally meets with a couple of his teachers to get some extra help to be sure he keeps his grades up. He has not been putting in the effort we (his parents) feel he should be and so we are essentially commanding him to meet with teachers, get extra help and extra work that will focus on his weaker areas and help him to do well for his end of school year exams.

With the two robotics tournaments that happened these last two weeks where he has missed five days of classes and his second trimester report card showing a marked degrading of certain subject scores, we (his parents) are wanting him to put in some extra effort to feel good about going into the summer break to be ready for secondary two.

In the meantime, C-Ling got zero out of eight for the passé composé conjugation of her verbs in her latest dictée. In addition, she doesn't know her multiplication tables as well as she should; so these two areas need to be worked on for her.

Finally, V-8 is in kindergarten and hasn't yet fallen behind in anything.

There you have it, a summary of the current school situation of my three children.


Zhoen said...

It's been a rough winter, these things happen.

Debstar said...

"C-Ling got zero out of eight for the passé composé conjugation of her verbs in her latest dictée".
My heart goes out to C-Ling, I barely understand anything in that sentence. I would get zero too.

Kids in Australia are generally being taught Japanese these days but I really think Chinese would be a better option considering China is the rising star in world economics.