Sunday, March 22, 2015

curling, sailing, sleeping, burping

Tomorrow night has little about it that should resemble a shoemaker's pet peeve.

There is a 'Complain to Blogger' button at the bottom right corner of my screen. If I'm not pleased with how this spring's weather is turning out so far, should I click on that button so I can complain to them?

An annual police brutality protest march was purposefully scheduled to take place today, on a street directly adjacent to the St. Patrick's Day parade that was also taking place today. The former often ends in violence while the latter is a cherished long running institution. Fortunately, cooler heads prevailed and the turnout for the former was very poor.

It helped that it was -9C with a wind chill in the mid -20s. This made the turnout for the parade also smaller, but still those who went had a good time.

My family and I did not go. Not because of the potential police brutality protest, but because it was too cold.

A person's left elbow, when rinsed with partially diluted vinegar (67%), is less promiscuous, as far as elbows are concerned, as is a flea-bitten thirty-one year old queen sized mattress decaying in a derelict and poorly lit alleyway that is located in the armpit of the southwest corner of the city.

The previous sentence was post edited quite a number of times before it gained the character that it currently has. The sentence preceding this one was post-edited exactly zero times.

Looking up does not always have the desired effect.


Pat Hatt said...

lol looking up can leave you blinded. Too cold it is indeed for parades.

Debstar said...

Looking up might be construed as an eye roll.

Darn those elbows and their promiscuity.

shenry said...

That elbow sentence is beautiful in its complexity and mechanics. Well worth the effort.

fugli0 said...

Enjoyed your Hub article on Nonsense lit. May your work inspire moi. merci.

meznor said...

yes, I would complain. I wonder if they'd come back with a snarky response. Sometimes those google guys like to have fun.

I'm glad that the protest march did not end up unpeacefully, nor did the St. Patrick's day parade.

It's supposed to warm up this week in Toronto. I hope that trend follows where you are as well.

Sometimes I get a crick in my neck when I look up. I often look down when I'm walking, which allows me to avoid stepping in undesirable things.