Wednesday, April 15, 2015

YAY! Game one is in the bag

It was a crazy game between the Canadiens and the Senators this evening. The second period in particular had a lot going on.

Had to work from home today as I had to take V-8 to see the Doctor; did a test afterwards that confirms she has strep throat. She started medication this evening to fix it.

There is a cat on my lap as I type this. Leo is not preventing me from blogging.

I made the mistake of making a mistake but fortunately I learned from it, unfortunately I then forgot the lesson. Do we call this mistaken fortune, or fortunate mistakes?

Okay, then.


Zhoen said...

There would be no blogging if not for cats, Leo is helping you. I can't explain how.

Debstar said...

Hope V-8 gets well soon.

Debstar said...

Did you know that when I have to prove I am not a robot I have to click on specific photos of food.

Now I want to go out and buy some sushi.

Phil Plasma said...

V-8 is already feeling better, thanks. When I have to prove I'm not a robot, I just need to check a checkbox.