Wednesday, July 22, 2015

xalatan? Really?

I haven't been Xalataning my eyes at all for the last few months. Today I will find out if it is really needed when I go for tests and then meet with my ophthalmologist. It was only a minor case of intra-ocular hypertension that was detected back in 200?, but it was treated with the eye-drano (Xalatan) anyhow.

Left untreated, intra-ocular hypertension could lead to glaucoma.

How are your eyes?


Zhoen said...

I'm finding myself neglecting my pencil-push-ups. It works, it's not hard, but for some reason I'm struggling with actually doing it daily.

Phil Plasma said...

The tests I took came back very normal and that is when I admitted to the doctor that I hadn't taken any Xalatan for the past two months. He and I agreed that I would continue to not take them until next summer where I would do the tests again and meet with him again. So I'm off the hook now for the eye drops.