Monday, December 07, 2015


This was my 2008 Dodge Grand Caravan this past weekend. How's your mileage looking?


Debstar said...

54843km for a 2005 Mazda. If I wanted to sell it I could say a little old lady only drove it to church each Sunday and I might be believed. For many years hubby had a work vehicle that he was allowed to use outside of work hours and they paid for the petrol so of course I did my level best to ensure I did as little driving as possible in my car.
When hubby hit 100,000 in his car I made him pull over and take a photo of the event

Phil Plasma said...

That really isn't a lot of km's for a ten year old car. I just bought this van second hand and it had 182600 when I bought it, three years younger. Working in technology I don't get my car paid for, however, my transit pass is fully paid for by my company, so that's nice.

Zhoen said...

Tried to take a photo, but the numbers blurred, and I wasn't really looking. Maybe later today.