Wednesday, December 09, 2015

when the children at clay with the nose job in hay

So, driving home I had V-8 retrieve the mail from our community mail box as she had asked to do so and neither of the other two did.

We get home and there is enough mail that V-8 has half and C-Ling has the other half. The two battle with each other incessantly to open the mail and get very upset about it all. Then G-Bot tries to break it up and C-Ling goes tearing up the stairs and slams the door to her bedroom. Next, V-8 brings some of the letters to be opened to me asking to open them and I say no given her behaviour.

Yes, this is the last time I ask the kids to retrieve the mail. Well, I suppose I can make an exception if ever I only have one of the children with me.

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