Monday, December 21, 2015

tick tock block sock knock flock dock

Not ever having been an ostrich, I'd say that counting to eleven two hundred times is very much unlike doing laundry with your hands tied behind your back.

Ornithologically speaking, chirp.

As the shortest day in the northern hemisphere, I'd have to say it is cloudy today, so I won't even see the sun. Though I didn't see it, the sun rose at 7h31 today and will set at 16h13.

Generally on sunny days I try not to look directly at the sun, so even on sunny days I don't really see it.

A rainbow coloured committee meeting went clubbing and was scolded by the barman's cousin for being too bright.

Window dressing or salad dressing; you pick.

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Zhoen said...

Rather, the Earth rotated to reveal the sun, then rotated further to obscure it again.