Tuesday, December 22, 2015

When Mexico swallows Moby Dick

When asking about favourite fictional television characters, the third item left was made of exquisite serendipity. There are two, when once there was one, and then there will be five, where there were four, and then it will be more, when before it was less. All at the same time, the third became the last and the first is the least, or, at least, should be. Baking cookies wasn't the best idea to capture the essence of the meaning that was devoid of depth. But that's how it crumbles, cookie-wise.

An item was left on the way to New York; the passenger didn't notice until she came to brush her hair and was looking into the mirror. We don't always notice the misgivings or the mistakes, but when we do, there is often a disheartening. Patience with ourselves is key. That avoidance is even contemplated as a solution speaks volumes to the psyche of the subject.

Do not, under any circumstances, pretend to deny that which isn't.


Pat Hatt said...

Wow, all around the mulberry bush. As things can switch and get lost and change and rearrange.

Zhoen said...

I liked James Garner and Columbo, but when I tried to think of a favorite female character, I ran dry. Rather sad, that.