Wednesday, December 23, 2015

When rockets bounce to the float

I went from my fifth floor office to the ground floor and out of the building by way of descending the stairs, taking three at a time, racing someone else who was taking the elevator. Thanks to the elevator having stopped at the second floor, I ended up beating it.

On the way down I was thinking of the fact that at some stage in my life I will no longer be able to do this (racing down a stair well). Not a depressing thought so much as a realistic one. Also, it is a thought that encourages me to remain as active as possible through the remaining days I have. I know I'm only 15,527 days old today, and so I may have a roughly equal number of days to go. I hope to remain active for as many of those remaining days as possible.


Zhoen said...

You never know. As long as you don't fall.

Pat Hatt said...

Have to be active while we can. But then if one stays in shape, eats right, etc. they can do such things for much longer.