Tuesday, December 29, 2015

when radio blasts like a rocket submarine sandwich

It happens uncannily often that I happen to look at the time when it is 12:34.

Of course, when wearing my analog wrist watch, I do not ever see that time with such precision.

Now would be a good time to post about the passing of 2015 into 2016; to speak of things that have happened this past year and things to come next year. I say this because it is possible over the coming five day weekend that I may not have the opportunity to post.

Tomorrow night is our annual Pre New Year's Eve Party where we ring in New Year's Eve at midnight. The dress code this year is a clothing non-optional pyjama party. We'll have between 23 and 32 people over at our house from about 20h00 until the last ones usually leave between 01h00 and 02h00 the next morning. I've been thinking just today that I should develop a game for the party, and have so far not come up with anything.

New Year's Eve we'll be at a friend's house with our children and with a third family. All three families have kids in the same age range so we let them loose in the basement while we have adult time upstairs. In this way we don't need to have baby sitter's on New Year's Eve.

Post prior to this sentence started at about 12h11 and then stopped at 13h01. With this sentence I started again at 13h46; while working on a task at work I think I may have come up with something for the game.

Have a bowl of many slips of paper. On each paper there is either a capital city name or a major geographic feature or a country name. On the opposite side of the slip of paper have one or two or three conversation generating questions. As people please, they pick up a slip and then have to find a matching person for the geographical clues. For example, on one slip could be 'Pyramids' and another could be 'Egypt', or 'Taj Mahal' and 'India'. So the person with 'Pyramids' would need to find the person with 'Egypt' and then they reverse the slip and use the questions provided as topics of conversation.

Making the pairings shouldn't take too much time or be too difficult, coming up with conversation starter questions may be a bit more challenging. I think I will go ahead with this and will post here how it all worked out.


Zhoen said...

I get 1:23 a lot, both am and pm.

I'd go visit atlas obscura for conversation starting facts.

Happy New Year!

Debstar said...

I think that conversation starter is an excellent idea. I hope it works well for you.
Happy New Year!