Monday, January 04, 2016

The last time the team baked a

Yes, the holidays that end 2015 have come to an end.

There were zero casualties in my family, extended family and my framily. All participants pulled through into the new year.

On this, my 15,539th day, I'm not planning on eating anything as I gained six pounds over the holidays. This is a continuation of the Fast 5.2 diet that my father-in-law introduced to me in April of last year. Mondays and Thursdays my plan is to continue to have a reduced diet.

My wife and I have been talking about getting a wine fridge. I found this one:

...but at 4200$ it is rather out of our price range.

I found that the Huawei mobile device and smart watch are both available to be purchased in Canada though previously I had found that they were only available to be purchased in the US.

It is really the watch I want, but the mobile device I currently have is not compatible with it. So if I don't get the Huawei mobile phone, I would get one with my current mobile provider.

Anyhow, in two more days it will be Wednesday.


Zhoen said...

We are looking at the Dyson robot vacuum, but it's out of our range, so we merely look.

Phil Plasma said...

Yes, like the wine fridge, we only look.